Baserock 15.34 is released!

Definitions compatibility

The Baserock reference systems are defined using version 5 of the definitions format. In 15.25, version 3 was used.

The baserock-15.34 tag of definitions can be built with Morph from 15.25. This should mean upgrading is fairly simple.

The version of Morph in Baserock 15.34 can build definitions versions 3, 4, 5, and 6. For more information about these versions, see here:

Changes since 15.25

  • This release includes a GENIVI Kronos K-0.2 Baseline.

  • Added migrations scripts, and established some guidelines for writing migration scripts. Check the README file for more information about these.

  • Numerous components moved between strata.

  • New components added:

    • GNU wget
    • samba
  • Some components have been updated:

    • cpython to 2.7.10 (python 2) and 3.4.2 (python 3)
    • perl to 5.22
    • libsoup to 2.48.0
  • Updates to Morph, Baserock's build tool, including:

    • Support for definitions version 6 (disable build system autodetection, and add support to specify the build system within a stratum).

    • Various distbuild fixes and improvements.

    • Set chunk commands' stdin to /dev/null.

    • Added 'bitbucket' repo alias to default aliases.

    • Warn if system-integration commands are defined for an unknown artifact

  • Other bugfixes and improvements: see the Git logs of definitions.git and morph.git for a full list.

Thanks to everyone who has provided code, documentation, sponsorship or feedback for this Baserock release!

How do I get started?

Start with the following page:

Those who are up to speed with Baserock already can make use of the '' cache server, with the artifact-cache-server = option. All artifacts necessary to upgrade a 'build' system for x86_32 or x86_64 are present in this cache.

How do I get in contact?

If you find a bug in Baserock, we'd like to hear from you using one of the above methods.

The Baserock project welcomes new participants! We hope you enjoy experimenting with Baserock and look forward to hearing about any cool things you do with Baserock.