Baserock is an open source project which integrates a large set of open source and free software components into complete custom operating systems. It combines elements of a Linux distro, build system, a workflow and a development environment all in one.

Baserock can also be compared to Yocto, OpenEmbedded, Buildroot, Gentoo, Open Build Service. Probably the key differences in our approach are

  • we use Git for everything, which makes things easier so long as you're not afraid of Git
  • we aim to integrate components with as little delta/forking vs upstream as possible
  • we're focusing on simplicity, traceability, repeatability, and upgradeability

It may not be obvious from these pages yet, but the general idea is to fix all the things that are wrong with systems software engineering

Baserock in Four Lines

Morph parses build/deploy instructions and builds/deploys things.

The build/deploy instructions are in definitions.

Our trove contains cloned source of all components listed in definitions.

You can clone more things into our trove by writing lorry files.


Baserock is designed for bootstrapping, developing and maintaining custom Linux systems. See the Developer experience page for more details.

Check out this video to see how it works. Go to Quick Start