Baserock 15.25 is released!

Definitions compatibility

The Baserock reference systems are defined using version 3 of the definitions format. In 15.19, version 3 was used.

The baserock-15.25 tag of definitions can be built with Morph from 15.19. This should mean upgrading is fairly simple.

The version of Morph in Baserock 15.25 can build definitions versions 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. For more information about these versions, see here:

Changes since 15.19

  • The OpenStack services added in 15.19 were upgraded to the Kilo release (tag 2015.1.0).

  • A java-build stratum was added, containing the things necessary to build OpenJDK, and existing reference systems which use Java were updated to use this. However, this still requires the injection of a prebuilt JDK binary at build time.

  • Deployment extensions were all moved into the same place, the extensions subdirectory in definitions. This allows us to decouple the interface of the extensions from morph. Previously, any change to this interface would need a new version of definitions. Places where names of these are given (the type: field in clusters, and the configure-extensions: field in systems) need to be updated by prepending the name with extensions/ to reflect this move.

  • If version 5 of the definitions format is used, morph will strip debug symbols from the binaries it builds by default. The symbols are put in /usr/lib/debug in the resulting system. This behaviour can be overridden by using the strip-commands field in chunk morphologies.

  • /etc/inputrc added; now the delete key should work correctly.

  • Numerous components moved between strata.

  • New components added:

    • CUPS
    • mtd-utils
    • iputils
    • findutils
    • Info-Zip
    • i2c-tools
    • lm-sensors
    • isc-dhcp
  • Some components have been updated:

    • boost 1.57.0
    • btrfs-progs 4.0
    • ceph
    • dbus 1.9.16
    • gstreamer 1.0
    • mesa 10.6.0-rc1
    • qtwebkit 5.4.2
    • systemd v220
    • zlib 1.2.8
  • Updates to Morph, Baserock's build tool, including:

    • Support for definitions version 4, which is used as a marker to cause versions of Morph that do not contain the fix from here to exit with a version error rather than crashing.

    • Support for definitions version 5 (allow strip-commands in chunk morphologies; set PYTHONPATH when running deployment extensions to contain the extensions directory)

    • Configuration extensions no longer form part of the cache key for systems.

  • Other bugfixes and improvements: see the Git logs of definitions.git and morph.git for a full list.

Thanks to everyone who has provided code, documentation, sponsorship or feedback for this Baserock release!

How do I get started?

Start with the following page:

Those who are up to speed with Baserock already can make use of the '' cache server, with the artifact-cache-server = option. All artifacts necessary to upgrade a 'build' system for x86_32 or x86_64 are present in this cache.

How do I get in contact?

If you find a bug in Baserock, we'd like to hear from you using one of the above methods.

The Baserock project welcomes new participants! We hope you enjoy experimenting with Baserock and look forward to hearing about any cool things you do with Baserock.