Need more space in your Baserock system?

You might find after a while you need more space, either on your Baserock system root partition or on /src. Possible approaches are

  • start again by creating a bigger version of the VM, system or the /src virtual disk
  • extend the existing VM or /src medium

If you decide to extend, there are two steps

  • increase the available space on the host/virtualizer
  • increase the partition size in the Baserock guest

So for example to extend extend a /src partition to 50GB for a VirtualBox machine

# On the host
VBoxManage modifyhd <path-to-src-file> --resize 50GB

# In the VM
btrfs filesystem resize max /src

Or to extend the / partition on a Jetson

btrfs filesystem resize max /

Or to extend 10G the main disk of a VM (qemu)

qemu-img resize <path-to-disk-image> +10G

... and then boot the VM and run

btrfs filesystem resize max /