Untagged refs

Could not find ref for x, required by y

This means that the versions of the package are not tagged in the source repo. If you are just doing a quick test of the tool, use the flag '--use-master-if-no-tag' when running the baserock-import command. Some dependencies will be the wrong version, so don't use this for systems you want to rely on.

To get the right versions (recommended), you will need to add the relevant tag manually. Navigate to checkouts/[relevant pkg]. If you run 'git tag', you will get a list of all tagged versions. You may find that no versions are tagged, or you may find that some are tagged, but not the version you want.

First, find the commit for the relevant version manually. It's easiest to do this with 'git log -p' on the commandline (you may want to pipe the results somewhere easily-searchable, if you want an old version of a pkg).

Once you've found the commit, make the tag manually. Make sure you're in checkouts/[pkg], and run 'git tag vVERSION -a SHA1 -m "MESSAGE"'.

Using an example shamelessly stolen from our rubygems tutorial:

$ git tag v5.4.3 -a 32dad2e92a4953a052ece1ed689ee62a17b3abd8 \
-m "Release tag created for baserock-import"

From checkouts/[pkg], git ls-remote --tags may speed this up, if a tag is present but formatted in an unusual way.

It's a bit of a hassle, but luckily, most packages won't require it.

Incorrect Repo Address in Stratum

ERROR: Cannot find remote git repository: upstream:...
Unable to extract tarball 
Unable to clone from git://... Command failed: git clone
Cloning into bare repository
fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: ...

This will happen at build time if you forget the '--use-local-sources' flag on the commandline when running the import tool. If you don't include the flag, the repo urls in the package stratum that the tool just generated will point to the wrong place.

If you don't use the '--use-local-sources' flag, you will need to change all the urls manually-- or just run the baserock-import command again, and use the flag this time.