Set up an Acer CB5-311 with Baserock chroot for ARMv7

This page describes how to setup an ARM Chromebook with a Baserock rootfs for native ARMv7 development

1 Enable developer mode on your chromebook

2 Download the crouton installer from

3 Press Ctrl+Alt+T on your chromebook to open a terminal, and in it type the following commands

sudo -i

# Change into the directory you downloaded the crouton installer into
cd /home/chronos/user/Downloads

# install the required crouton tools 
sh crouton -b

# create baserock chroot directory
mkdir -p /usr/local/chroots/baserock
cd /usr/local/chroots/baserock

# download and extract the baserock rootfs image 
tar xvf build-system-armv7lhf-rootfs.tar.gz

# more setup
mkdir -p etc/crouton
echo 'baserock' > /etc/crouton/name

You're ready to go!

enter-chroot -n baserock -u root