What can you do with Baserock?

This page is intended as a way of tracking what people are using the Baserock for, and what people would like to be able to do with it in future.

This isn't a bug tracker, or a roadmap. But it's a good place to start if you're looking for something to do, or want to know what's been done already. Where something is marked 'complete', it means the bulk of the work is done, not that every last bug has been tracked down and fixed!

If you're interested in working on something below that's not marked as 'complete', feel free to jump right in, but it'd be good to get in touch in case there's existing work that you could use as a starting point.

NOTE: Where an item has a 'sponsor', this means that someone who's already active in the Baserock community is keen for the feature to be done, and they might have started the work already. In this case, they are likely to provide support to anyone who wants to help out with that task.

Baserock reference systems on different hardware

The Baserock project maintains different 'reference systems'. Some are intended to be used as-is, while others are examples that can be adapted for different needs.

The first step to getting Baserock working on a new CPU architecture is to cross-bootstrap the 'build' system. This system can build and deploy all the other Baserock reference systems, and also provides a reasonably complete GNU/Linux environment that can be adapted for running console applications or network services.

After that you might want to get the 'weston' system working, and try to run some graphical applications. You could use the 'genivi-baseline' system, which gives you various multimedia packages (with a focus on in-vehicle "infotainment").

Hardware Detail Sponsors
Acer Chromebook Complete ('build' system)
IBM PC or 100% compatible You can boot a 64-bit 'build' system off a USB stick!
HP Moonshot server Complete ('distbuild', Trove)
NVIDIA Jetson devboard Complete ('build', 'distbuild', GENIVI Baseline, Weston)
Raspberry PI ?
Any hackable phone or tablet Not started

Integrate open source software with Baserock

The Baserock tooling is designed for producing systems that have open source software components integrated and working together. Everything is built from upstream source code, and the resulting systems know the exact Git commit of the source code and build instructions.

Software Detail Sponsors
Android Not started
GENIVI Demo Platform In progress Jonathan Maw, James Thomas
Gerrit code review Complete
GNOME Desktop In progress Javier Jardón
Java (from source) Researching Jim Macarthur
OCAML In progress
OpenBMC Complete Javier Jardón
OpenStack Complete
XFCE Desktop In progress Javier Jardón

Add new features to the Baserock tooling

Here are some major changes to the Baserock tooling that various people in the community would like to see.

This is not a complete list. See also: Storyboard, wishlist.

Features Detail Sponsors
Automate integrating new versions of components In progress
Bit-for-bit reproducible builds In progress
Continuous build & test of Baserock systems In progress Adam Coldrick, Sam Thursfield
Live atomic updates of Baserock systems ? Richard Maw
Stripping of debug symbols In progress Richard Maw
Read-only /usr Not started
Support musl libc as well as GLIBC ?