Lorry is a tool for mirroring upstream source code into Baserock Git repositories on our own Git server.

Example lorry are files here! If you want to add something to the Baserock trove, write a lorry file and send it upstream.

The Lorry README has a good introduction to its use. See the manual page or --help output for details on options.

The source for Lorry is here. It is available in Baserock 'trove' and 'devel' reference systems.

Lorry Controller

Lorry Controller is a separate program to Lorry. It takes care of mirroring a large set of repos: running Lorry regularly for each repo, logging any failed jobs, and providing a web frontend for admins to use.

It is documented in its README, and within the Trove reference manual.

The source code for Lorry Controller is here. It is found in Baserock 'trove' systems.